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Alternatives to real fur

Advantages or disadvantages?

Obviously, this is a personal choice.

The easiest way is of course to do without fur. For people who love the look or feel of it, there is a cruelty-free equivalent with faux fur. It is made with synthetic fibers arranged in such a way as to recall the texture and color of animal fur: the result is stunning when the quality is there!

Well-stocked faux fur coats, like real ones, may shed. Remember to shake the coat the first 2-3 times you wear it to get rid of excess hair.

With a price generally two to three times lower for an equivalent quality, “faux fur” also has the advantage of weighing less on the environment than animal fur, which is not only cruel but also more polluting.

Certain characteristics often make it possible to distinguish real fur from fake, but in the case of a well-made imitation, the distinction by touch is impossible. Some brands have made a commitment to no longer use fur, they are listed on the Fashion Without Fur website, an initiative of the Animalter association which brings together more than a dozen other French associations.