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Shine was born in 2019 in our founder's room who was 20 years old, the purpose of this birth is to offer a new alternative to real fur . Since September 2019, the French brand has been offering vegan faux furs whose resemblance to animal fur is astonishing.

More ecological and more responsible than animal fur, faux fur uses fibers which are by-products and which do not generate additional pollution, which resist over time, and can be recycled at the end of their life.

A fur, elegant, comfortable trend .

Shine is Elle.

She is you, it is me, it is all of us.

The Shine adventure begins at the end of 2019, when Samia and her sister, two fashion-loving students, have the idea of ​​going in search of the perfect winter coat that meets all their criteria, which they can't find!

They start with a specific idea: a synthetic hair that is similar in appearance and touch: a fashion & vegan coat .

From a young age, their mother raised their awareness of animal protection, so this project was really close to their hearts.

After much research, Samia came across a very soft type of hair from a supplier: it was the right one!

The two sisters quickly designed their first Shine Paris collection, and decided to sell their fake furs at an affordable price of between 70 and 200 euros.


Real fur means for animals a life of suffering and a cruel and premature killing.

More than 56 million animals are killed for their fur each year worldwide, mainly bison and foxes.

However, it has been a long time since fur has had any use, and we can very well do without it for our clothing.

Shine has decided to combine eco-responsibility and efficiency to pack, protect and ship its products with 70% recyclable packaging.


Inspired by the breathtaking “real” Russian furs, we start the season with the flagship products of imitation rabbit hair

Moscow knit beanie


Moscow knit beanie


Moscow knit beanie


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